Brita Rekve - Thank You

Brita Rekve will be joining our board and we want to say thank you!  With a strong background in administration, curriculum/program development and human services work, she brings much needed and diverse abilities to Two Bears Ranch.  

Brita has worked with and counseled many veterans and at risk youth during her career.  I look forward to her sage advice as we develop an effective and accessible program to assist veterans suffering from PTSD.

I met Brita at a workshop in a previous life and don't know what I would do without her as both a dear friend and mentor.  Brita Thank you!

Thank you Tina Marino

I want to take a moment and not just thank Tina Marino (President, The Heim Group and Founder,  The Encouragement Center) for agreeing (enthusiastically) to serve as a director for Two Bears Ranch, but for also being one of the people who inspires me.  

Tina and Carl met years ago in San Diego, when he invited her to join a professional networking group he was putting together.  Later, when we decided to host a monthly poker game in our home, with proceeds going to charity, guess who brought her poker chips and kept the players in line?  Tina!  She would always stay to help us clean up and it was then that I learned about The Encouragement Center and how she feeds and clothes needy families in Southern California and coordinates services amongst a host of other non-profit organizations.  We traded stories; her husband was a Marine as are Carl and I and I told her about my very modest project of handing out homemade sandwiches to San Diego's homeless.  We agreed that seeing people, not circumstances, was as important as the sandwich was.

She brings almost 20 years of non-profit experience to the table and we are grateful to have her involvement.  

Thank you Tina.